How to Use


How to Easily Use this App and Create your Affirmations the Right Way
Congratulations on purchasing this very powerful affirmations app! You will be overjoyed with the positive results in your life as you continue to listen to your affirmations daily.  Feel free to choose your affirmations from our existing library or be creative and make your own affirmations custom tailored to your own personal dreams and goals.

Creating a Playlist
To create a new playlist to listen to simply click on the plus symbol on the top right hand corner of the Playlists screen.  Once you have pressed the plus symbol you will get the option to type in the name of your playlist.

Adding Music
Once you have typed in the name of your new playlist you can now add your affirmations and choose your music for the background.  Simply choose the music icon on the left underneath your new playlist name to listen to and select your music for this playlist. Once you have touched the music you want to listen to so that “selected” shows up next to it, just hit the Done on the top right corner to save your music choice to this playlist and exit.

Adding Affirmations
You can start adding your affirmations to your playlist at anytime by clicking the “Add Affirmation” button. Then you have the choice of selecting affirmations from the premade list provided or creating your own personal affirmations.

Once you have chosen or created your affirmations simply press the  save button to have them put in your playlist.

Recording is easy to do.  Simply tap the record icon to the left of your affirmation and then tap the red record button underneath your typed in affirmation and start recording.  If you have more than 1 affirmation to record simply right swipe to get to the next affirmation to record. Once the affirmations have been recorded to your satisfaction just hit the save button on the top right.

Listening to a playlist
To listen to your affirmations, simply hit the play button to the left of the playlist you would like to listen to on the playlists page.

Growing your tree and naming your tree
The longer you listen to your affirmations, the more experience your great tree will attain.  Watch as it grows more powerful as you grow more powerful in real life.  Feel free to customize the name of your tree under the settings tab.

Listen/Playlists Pages
You can easily switch between the listen page and the playlists page by touching their name in the box on the top of the screen.

Play Button
Simply hit the play button in the center of the listen screen to listen or pause your affirmations at any time.

Back button
To the left of the play button is the back option. If you want to go back and listen to previous affirmations, simply touch this button.

Forward button
To the right of the play button is the forward option. If you want to go forward and listen to the next affirmations, simply touch this button.

Repeat Affirmation button
The auto repeat affirmation button will allow you to repeat a single affirmation over and over. This is a very powerful feature that really can help you focus on an affirmation that is very important to you. Listen to the same affirmation over and over to really get in your mind. This button is to the right of the forward button.

Random Button
Simply press this button to listen to your playlist of affirmations in random order. The randopm button is the icon to the left of the back affirmation button.

Tips For Creating Incredible Affirmations

  • For best results, put on headphones and relax while you listen to your affirmations. You can also choose to simply read the affirmations and can use the back and forward arrows to scroll through your affirmations as.
  • Make specific playlists tailored specifically to your goals and dreams. Don’t be afraid to make a variety of playlists that really focus in on your main goals in life currently.
  • Try to have at least 10 affirmations in each playlist and up to as many as you would like.
  • Try to make your affirmation stated in the present tense.
  • You want to make sure your affirmation is believable to yourself for maximum effectiveness.
  • Make sure your affirmation is empowering.
  • You don’t want to focus too much on the desired goal as it tends to trick the brain into thinking the goal is already attained, so you can lose motivation. Affirmations work best when you include the desired outcome as well as what you are going to do in order to get that outcome. For example: “I will easily exercise 4 times per week in order to be healthy and strong.”
  • Listen to your affirmations for 5-30 minutes 2-3 times per day. They tend to be more effective when listened to soon after waking up and just before you go to bed. Stay consistent with your practice and soon it will become a habit and something you easily do each day.
  • You can read the affirmations and scroll through them manually or listen to them while you relax or do other things.
  • Headphones work the best when listening to the affirmations.
  • When listening to your affirmations try and keep a clear mind and really focus in on the affirmation.
  • Feel free to visualize while listening to the affirmations. Visualize what you will be doing to achieve the desired effect of the affirmation and then visualize the desired outcome of your affirmation.
  • Be sure you are in a positive and motivated frame of mind when recording your affirmations. Try and get yourself into a peak state of mind then do your recordings. When recording your affirmations be sure to fully believe and mean what you are saying. This will increase the effectiveness of the affirmations. Say them with intent and meaning. Feel free to keep hitting the record button until you are satisfied with the results.
  • Be sure to use the affirmation repeat button on any affirmation that strikes home with you. Listen to the same affirmation over and over to really ingrain it into yourself.

The more you listen to your affirmations the more they will become ingrained within you and start becoming a reality. Your tree avatar will also gain experience each time you listen to your affirmations. Watch as your life and your tree grow strong and powerful through the daily use of positive affirmations.

I wish you the best of luck and hope this app will make a powerful and positive impact in your life!  If you like this app, be sure to give us a nice review. It would be greatly appreciated.